Development concept


At the beginning of the conversion process was the vision:

of creating a natural, cultural and educational-touristic European centre on the estate of the former National Socialist “Ordensburg”. It is designed to be an international place of education and culture, where old and young alike, regardless of nationality, can experience history and nature, or simply relax and enjoy the surroundings.

This vision has largely already become a reality. A total of 13 uses, some of them publicly funded, have been realised with investments amounting to 57 million euros.

Take advantage of this opportunity and bring your ideas and projects to this attractive investment environment. Help to shape the Vogelsang IP International Place!

Vogelsang IP has been consciously redeveloped in contrast to its original intended purpose. Step by step, a cosmopolitan, tolerant and peaceful place has evolved from the former military compound that was isolated for many decades. Today, people meet, share ideas and experiences, and learn from each other here.

A key aspect of the development concept is the willingness of its users to cooperate and to network. The concept firmly focuses on extensive multilingualism and comprehensive barrier-free accessibility.

Vogelsang IP offers exceptional opportunities for investment projects in a unique location. The entire listed building stock is to be maintained and used. Public funding and private commitments are meaningfully linked.

The Vogelsang IP Guidelines provide the basis for all developments at the estate.



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