Investment environment



Vogelsang IP provides space for ideas and projects in a unique investment environment. The building law related basis for this is the partial zoning plan resolved by Schleiden’s town council, available here for download as a PDF.

Vogelsang IP features the following unique and convincing qualities:

  • As a former National Socialist “Ordensburg” Vogelsang IP represents one of the largest groups of buildings from the National Socialist era and, consequently, one of the most significant heritage sites in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia
  • With its central location in the Eifel National Park, situated on a ridge above Lake Urft, it offers visitors spectacular panoramic views. Vogelsang IP is a starting point for a multitude of activities in the area

After more than ten years of (re)development, investors can be sure of a secure investment environment:

  • The content and focus of new uses follow the existing strategic objectives of the site
  • A conceptual framework provides uniform standards for site development, open space design, and lighting
  • The existing uses presently attract more than 300,000 visitors per year – these are also potential clients for your project

For an overview of available buildings and plots of land, please see Land/property offers.

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