Projects under development


There are currently two major influential projects and several smaller ones under development.


Hotel | Guest house | Holiday flats

Additional accommodation is urgently required to supplement the current lodgings at Vogelsang IP. According to a recent feasibility study, the upper two of the four “Hundertschaftshäuser” (former military accommodation premises for several hundred people) could be converted into a 3-star category hotel. The buildings, spanning almost 4,800 m² of floor space, are in the direct vicinity of the Forum Vogelsang IP and offer a spectacular view over the Eifel National Park. The other two buildings could be converted into holiday flats.

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Use of “Van Dooren” | Design of “Neue Mitte”

The former “Van Dooren” barracks, built in 1951, constitute the largest single building (almost 19,000 m² gross floor space) on the Vogelsang IP estate. Due to its central location, the surrounding land (approx. four hectares) also provides a good option for creating a “New Centre”.

Consequently, usage concepts are being sought that include both the building and the surrounding open areas. As only the foundations dating back to the 1930s – and not the entire “Van Dooren” complex – are classified as “listed”, partial use of the former barracks or partial demolition would also be possible.

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