Academy Vogelsang IP

The "International Place Vogelsang IP" on the site of the former Nazi “Ordensburg” Vogelsang and the military training area "Camp Vogelsang" sees itself as a forum for culture of remembrance as well as questions about the present and future in our dynamically globalising world.

The Academy Vogelsang IP is the central programme organiser for the International Place. The historical and political education opportunity includes tours of the grounds and exhibitions, workshops, seminars, further education, in-depth lectures and group-specific offers for youths and adults.

All topics and formats take into account the participants’ different interests, goals, age groups, types of school, levels of learning and previous knowledge. Our programmes use Vogelsang as a starting point for the learning experience and are dedicated to exploring either historical topics or action-orientated contemporary questions. The Academy Vogelsang IP wants to provide active opportunities for exchange, reflection and action - for every participant.

We provide you with an offer tailored to your group and are happy to inform you about accessibility as well as offers in other languages. For the educational offers there are financial support options.

We are happy to advise you!

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