Educational opportunities


Academy Vogelsang IP’s educational opportunities open up discussions on history, the present and the future. They place the focus on the persons and their actions, question the scope for action and allow you to be a part of a culture of remembrance and cultural education. They strengthen social skills and are devoted to perspectives of coexistence in the form of a pluralistic, democratic society.

All topics and formats take into account the participants’ different interests, goals, age groups, types of school, levels of learning and previous knowledge. Our offers make Vogelsang the starting point for the learning experience and are dedicated to exploring and discovering either historical topics or action-orientated contemporary questions.

We offer adult visitor groups special tours and expert lectures that are adapted to your schedule and content requirements.

The Academy Vogelsang IP provides science-based, discursive and participatory historical and political education. We wish to offer active opportunities for exchange, reflection and action. We provide you with an offer tailored to your group and are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding accessibility. The offers can be booked all year-round individually for your group and in various languages.

Detailed information on youth and adult education can be found on the following sub-pages.

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