Eifel National Park Centre

"Forest, water, wilderness" is the motto of the first national park in the Eifel in North Rhine-Westphalia. Under the motto "let nature be nature", nature finds its way back into its own cycle of birth and death.

Here you will discover the virgin forests of tomorrow, where wildcats, black storks and more than two thousand endangered animal and plant species live. Unspoilt beech and oak forests, streams, rivers and open grassland areas offer diverse views of nature and landscape.


In the Forum Vogelsang IP, the Eifel National Park Centre offers its guests a special introduction and deepening of the experiences of nature on site - the accessible interactive exhibition “Wilderness Dreams”.

Its location in the middle of the Eifel National Park and the impressive landscape panorama are incomparable. A visit to the 2,000 m2 exhibition, where all the senses are stimulated, is certainly worthwhile. The presentation is accessible, multilingual and suitable for all age groups.

There is a lot to experience and learn here - about the characteristics of the Eifel National Park, the protection of biodiversity and the value of "wilderness", both locally and globally. Enjoy fascinating views and insights into nature!


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