The Nazi documentation Vogelsang

What was the attraction of a place like Vogelsang during the National Socialist period? What did the party leadership promise young men coming here regarding their future? What motivated their hopes and their desire for social advancement? Were they, through drill and formation, predestined to participate in crimes, or could they have also said no? Did they see themselves as members of a supposed master race and act upon this?

The exhibition “Destiny: Master Race” does not aim to give easy answers. First and foremost, it aims to encourage questions such as those posed above to provoke new thoughts and ideas on our visitors’ side. Furthermore, it allows these questions to be asked, even if they appear to be disconcerting when posed while exploring the history of National Socialism.

If we want to comprehend better how the worst crimes in European history could come about, we need to take a look at the people in their time, their convictions, influences and actions. We have come to realise that this focus on the possibilities for action and the concrete actions of individuals can open doors to understanding the overall picture.

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