Science and research

The Nazi documentation Vogelsang is an integral part and an important field of work of the Academy Vogelsang IP. Its task is to research the history of the Nazi “Ordensburgs”, collect and file sources and make them available to the public. In addition to designing of temporary exhibitions and the publication of its own works, biographical interviews with contemporary witnesses and subsequent generations also form part of the Academy’s Tasks.

The most important illustrative objects of the Nazi documentation Vogelsang are the listed premises and the buildings with partially accessible interior spaces such as the "Burgschänke", the "Kameradschaftshaus" or the "Ehrenhalle" in the tower. They are the starting point for historical political educational work with youths and adults.

The permanent exhibition “Destiny: Master Race. Nazi “Ordensburgs” between fascination and crime" introduces new perspectives and scientifically founded approaches with the help of numerous objects, images, sound and written sources.

A space for the temporary special exhibitions offers the opportunity to expand on topics brought up in the permanent exhibition, to work on and present the post-war history of Vogelsang, and to display the travelling exhibitions of other institutions. Documents from the Nazi period as well as from the post-war period are collected, documented and made accessible for research in our archive and the library.

If you would like to donate private documents, photos or memorabilia to the Nazi “Ordensburgs”, please contact us privately. Contact: Stefan Wunsch, +49 (0)2444 91579-282 or

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