Vogelsang IP International Place

A special location

The former Nazi “Ordensburg” Vogelsang is not only one of the largest constructions of National Socialism, but also an expression of its arrogance and contempt for mankind. Through the military use as "Camp Vogelsang" after the Second World War, the location also reflects the path from the "Cold War" to the Europe of today. Since 2006, a new location has been developing here: Vogelsang IP as an "international place" for tolerance, diversity and peaceful coexistence. The lessons from history are seen as both a duty and an opportunity. Appreciation, dialogue and openness are attitudes to which all facilities at the location are dedicated.


... is one of the guiding questions in our work and mediation. In our dynamically globalising world, the location partners wish to give their individual stimulus to the debate on the shaping of our present and future. This concerns our society, as well as our relationship with the environment. In the exposed location in the middle of the Eifel National Park, attitudes such as "let nature be nature" and "leave wilderness alone" can be experienced first-hand. The Eifel National Park is, on the one hand, a resource for biodiversity, and on the other hand a space for experience, retreat and learning.
In addition to a variety of stimuli, Vogelsang IP and the Eifel National Park also offer space for recreation and quiet, for pleasure and enjoyment. Here, the memory of the warnings of history and an appreciative, positive attitude complement each other to create a powerful, future-orientated energy.

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